Sanko Kogyo Co., Ltd.

About JSK

Corporate data

Trade Name Sanko Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Establishment Founded at Oct. 10, 1957.
Capital Capital ¥ 10 million
CEO Kenichi Ogata
Head Office 2F Forecast Bldg, 24-3, 1-chome, Kandasuda-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0041 [Map]
Telephone Number +81 3 3526-2860
Description of business The manufacture and sale of UHP(Ultra High Purity) fittings and metal gaskets

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About JSK Brand

Corporate name

JSK brand of Sanko Kogyo has been developed into one of the world’s top brands of fittings, and, tremendously contributed to development of precision fittings for productions of semiconductors, ultra-high vacuum products, and LCDs. JSK aims to be a beloved brand not only of existing customers, but of a wide range of customers, through its technical strengths and reliability.

JSK Logo

JSK is short for “Japan Sanko Kogyo.” It has long been a global brand chosen by the semiconductor suppliers and gas equipment suppliers among the world, and has established a solid track record. JSK’s logo, as a symbol of the JSK brand, represents Sanko Kogyo’s dedication to providing the fruits of its labor in the form of various products created by its ultra clean technologies, such as ultra-high precision fittings, and to engaging in close communications with its customers.

JSK Symbol- JSK Robot

Technology and reliability are essential for the JSK brand and JSK products. The “JSK Robot” combines robots, popular among all ages, with fittings. The JSK Robot is primarily used in Sanko Kogyo fitting products for foreign markets, representing the JSK brand, loved and relied upon through the many years since the company was founded.

Concept: An industrious robot that stands along the users of JSK products.
Skill: Fitting in perfectly. Never leaking.
Duties: Delivering JSK products to customers quickly and reliably.