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Trade Name Sanko Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Address 2F Forecast Bldg, 24-3, 1-chome, Kandasuda-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0041 [Map]
Telephone Number +81 3 3526-2860
Reception hours 9:00~17:00(Weekdays)

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Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information


This document explains about the protection and handling of personal information regarding a person making inquiry (hereinafter, “you”, “your”, as the case may be) through the use of the Company’s homepage, in compliance with the provisions of the personal information protection.

Basic Stance of the Company

The Company ensures the protection of personal information. The Company will obtain your personal information by first obtaining your consent. The Company will continue to carry out personal information protection education toward employees, and will strictly manage your personal information.

Use Purpose of Personal Information

Personal information related to inquiry will only be used to process and respond to inquiry.

Providing and Outsource

Pursuant to the laws and regulations, the Company may provide your personal information to public organs such as court and police agency if so requested by such public organs.

Contact Information Regarding Disclosure, Complaint, Correction, Deletion, Use Suspension, etc.

You may request for notice/disclosure of use purpose, correction/deletion of information, suspension of use, etc., regarding personal information that you have provided to the Company. Please contact the information below if you request for disclosure/correction/deletion, etc. In such case, to prevent your information from leaking etc. to any third party, we will take prompt measure such as disclosure, correction/deletion, and suspension of use, by first confirming the identity of requesting person. Further, if the Company is unable to respond to your request subject to laws and regulations, and personal information protection management system, the Company will notify you the reason without delay.

Personal Information Inquiry Counter

Phone +81 3-3526-2860
E-Mail kanrika(@ enter here)

Arbitrary Provided Information and Result

Further, please understand that although you have the option to decide whether to provide personal information or not, if you decide not to provide it, there may be cases where the Company will not be able to provide accurate response and other related handling measures.

Obtainment by Method Where Difficult to Recognize

The Company will not obtain your personal information by method that makes it difficult for you to recognize.

Disposal/Deletion of Personal Information

After the Company provides response and other related process regarding the personal information that you provided to us, we will dispose or delete your personal information in a safe and complete manner without obtaining your prior consent.

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